Reality Show Cheapens Significance of Marriage

Media Release 24 April 2017
In response to the announcement that TV3 are producing a NZ version of “Married At First Sight”, Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ has made the following statement:

“Marriage is not a ‘social experiment’. It’s not a ‘reality show’. Getting married should never be based on ‘ratings’.

“It’s a significant social and natural institution based on love, intimacy, chemistry, and most importantly, commitment.

“The act of Marriage is not the ‘test period’ with the immediate option of divorce, as is offered on “Married At First Sight”. Marriage should be the culmination of the formation of a relationship ready for the next most important step.

“Reality shows tend to be removed from reality, ironically.

“The marriage might work, but it might not.

“Reality shows like this simply cheapen the historically and culturally bound institution of marriage all in the name of ratings and voyeurism.

“We’re better than that.”

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