Robust debate needed on what’s really at stake

Support grows for gay adoption
NZ Herald 30 June 2012
Nearly two-thirds of New Zealanders support giving gay couples the right to adopt children. A Herald-DigiPoll showed that 61.2 per cent of the public felt adoption law should be changed to allow all couples, including same-sex couples, to adopt while 35.1 per cent felt adoption should be kept to heterosexual couples. The survey also showed more than half of New Zealanders approved of gay marriage, while 40.5 per cent opposed it. Labour and Greens have long called for an update to the Adoption Act 1955, which governs the rules of adoption. National felt it was not a priority. Labour MP Jacinda Ardern, who has submitted a private members’ bill for same-sex adoption, said the poll results were pleasing because amending adoption laws was in the best interests of children. “In New Zealand, as a gay individual, you can adopt a child but as a gay couple you can’t. As a married heterosexual couple you can, as a civil union heterosexual couple you cannot. It’s time that our laws are reviewed.”

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