Rushed Marriage Bill Angers Jilted Submitters

Media Release 4 February 2013
More than 200 submitters who have been denied the opportunity to make oral submissions on the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill have written an Open Letter to the Prime Minister John Key, the Speaker of the House, and the Select Committee considering the bill, questioning the speed with which the bill is being pushed through, and asking for the right to make their oral submission.

“This number of submitters is approximately the same as the number of submitters that the Select Committee has actually hand-picked to make oral submissions so far. It is quite evident that this bill is being rammed through and submitters are being effectively censored,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Other Members’ bills are not being rammed through at such speed. Some of these bills are being considered by the same Select Committee. The Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Six Months’ Paid Leave) Amendment Bill was introduced a month before the same-sex marriage bill, and yet the Select Committee report is not due until August 2013. The Lobbying Disclosure Bill also had its first reading a month before the same-sex marriage bill, yet the report is not due until the end of July. The Members of Parliament (Remuneration and Services) Bill – a government bill – has 12 months for the Select Committee to consider.”

“Yet the same-sex marriage bill has just six months to consider 20,000-plus submissions, hear oral submissions, and report back. This is a cynical but calculated attempt to ram through a highly controversial law change without due consideration and debate,” says Mr McCoskrie.

Family First NZ has written to the Chairperson of the Select Committee twice without any acknowledgement or answers to their queries, and they are also seeking assistance from the new Speaker of the House.



Denying the Opportunity to Make Oral Submissions on the ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ Bill

We, the undersigned, are calling for the Government Administration Select Committee hearing submissions on the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill to hear our oral submissions.

The fact that a record 20,000 submissions have been received on this bill shows just how important this issue is to so many people. It is a major change to an important human institution and foundation of our society.

We reject any claim that some of our submissions are ‘form letters’ simply because some of us followed the easy-to-use layout guidelines provided by groups such as Family First NZ. If anything, they assisted us in participating in the democratic process. Why is that involvement now being denied?

Our submissions were carefully considered and expressed our own personal views on this controversial bill.

We note that other Members’ bills are not being dealt with at such speed.

  • The Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Six Months’ Paid Leave) Amendment Bill was introduced a month before the same-sex marriage bill, and yet the Select Committee report is not due until August 2013 i.e. more than a year to consider.
  • The Gambling (Gambling Harm Reduction) Amendment Bill has 11 months to consider and hear submissions before the Select Committee report is due.
  • The Lobbying Disclosure Bill (also being considered by the Government Administration Select Committee) also had its first reading a month before the same-sex marriage bill, yet the report is not due until the end of July i.e. 12 months to consider.
  • The Members of Parliament (Remuneration and Services) Bill – a government bill also being considered by the Government Administration Select Committee – has 12 months for the Select Committee to consider.
  • And the Manukau City Council (Regulation of Prostitution in Specified Places) Bill had its 1st Reading in September 2010 and the report is not due until July 2013!

Yet the same-sex marriage bill has just six months to consider 20,000+ submissions, hear oral submissions, and report back.

Why the rush? We believe the marriage bill is hugely significant to our nation – as evidenced by the massive number of submissions.

It is quite obvious that the same-sex marriage bill is being rushed through without appropriate debate and consideration.

In a healthy democracy, the people are entitled to speak and deserve to be heard in full. It should not be rushed, and democracy should not be denied, just because of a pre-determined reporting date which fails to recognise the weight of the issue.

We ask for the right to speak to our submission.


First name/s Surname City Organisation (if applicable)
John & Rosemary Adams Palmerston North
Darryn Alexander Auckland
Grant Alexander Rotorua
John Allen Upper Hutt
Bernie Allen Auckland
Heather Ameye-Bevers Auckland
Peter Anderson Auckland Mairangi Bay Community Church
John Aplin Auckland
Zachary Ardern Auckland
George Armitage Tauranga
Alan Armstrong Timaru
Kerryn Bailey Auckland
Bayleigh Baird Twizel
Reuel Baptista Auckland
Chris & Jenny Bargh Martinborough
Dominic Baron Upper Hutt
Sally & John Barton
Doaa Bayoumy Auckland Islam
Dennis & Valda Beach
Tony Becker
Peter & Judith Best Gisborne
Jean Beynon Greymouth
Margaret Bijl Auckland
Chuck Bird Waikato
Stephen & Christine Black Hamilton
Angela Bodley Auckland
Elaine Borger Nelson
Margaret Bowden
Mike Brewer Auckland
Antony & Deanne Bridle Silverdale
Jeph Burns Canterbury
Nick Burtenshaw Auckland
Deborah Burton Wellington
Scott Butters
Kathleen Campbell Otaki
Bill Capamagian Tauranga
Brian Caughley Wellington Intercessors for New Zealand
Carl Cerecke Auckland
Mark Chapman Hamilton
Peter Cheyne Dunedin
Patsy Christie Kapiti
Simone Colwill Auckland
Peter Constable Christchurch
Neil Coup Lower Hutt
Margaret Cowan Timaru
Leighton & Stephanie Crocker
Neville & Rosie Cross Timaru
Richard, Linda & Jason Crowsen Auckland
Hugh Cunningham Hawera
Wayne Curham Canterbury
Chris & Kara Dawson Hamilton
Bernadette de Wit Quaife
Dyanne Dixon Auckland
Gay-Lyn Dos Santos Hamilton
Murray & Alice Downs Te Awamutu
Paul Duncan Glen Eden
George Elkington Porirua
Lois Elliott Northland
Tasha & Stuart Ellis Auckland
Levi Ensing
Josiah Ensing Auckland
Hank Ensing Waikato
Rosemary Erlam Auckland
Tim & Lynne Euinton Auckland
Marian Evers Masterton
Jane Eyre Hamilton
Phil Fairbrass Wellington Wainuiomata Baptist Church
Robin Fellingham Fielding
Jane Fergusson Morrinsville
David Flavell Auckland
Steve Fletcher Lower Hutt
Tim & Michelle Fletcher Te Kuiti
Rev Michael Flynn Palmerston North Reformed Church of Palmerston North.
Hermann Frank Timaru
Bruce & Helene Fraser
Martin Frauenstein Christchurch
Dr Pavel Gajdusek Timaru
Luboslava Gajduskova Timaru
Mike Gallagher Auckland
Jenny Glen Kapiti
Celine Goulding
Peter Grace
Roland Green Dunedin
Roger & Karyn Hamon Waipa
Julianne Hannah Riccarton
Patrick Harris Auckland
David Hart Tauranga
Sandra Hellewell Christchurch
Simeon Hemus Auckland
Phil Henderson Napier Onekawa Bible Church
Janet Higham Auckland
Julian Highsted Christchurch
Eric Hill
Graham & Jess Hodder
Brandon Holman
Leo & Glenys Hume Auckland
John Irvine Hamiton
Bert & Robyn Jackson Hamilton
Eric & Joan Jackson
Stephen Jenkinson Hawkes Bay
Stella Kenyon Hamilton
Nick Kile Kile Family Trust Limited
Jo Kimi Auckland
Jaap Knegtmans Upper Hutt
Graeme Knowles Wellington
Carol Kohl
Patricia Kubala Wellington
Bill Lambert
Bronwyn Lane Warkworth
Pauline Lanigan Howick
Geoff Laurent Auckland
Frances Lavin
Michael Lawry Auckland
Iliganoa Leota Ah Poe Manurewa
Ruth & Noel Linton Tauranga
Bruce Logan Christchurch
Maurice Lovegrove Pukekohe Franklin Christian Lobby
Anne Maclean
Tony McCall
Christine McDonald Masterton
Rosemary McElroy Auckland
Marion McEwing
Madeline McGilvray Invercargill
Robert McGowan
Andrew McIntosh Wellington
James McKillop New Plymouth
Dennis McLeod
Agnes McLintock Christchurch
Jim & Jenny McPhee Melton
Allan McPherson Wanganui
Allistair Meikle Gore
Roy Menzies Auckland
Victor Meyer Auckland
Hudson Millar Hamilton
Joanna Moss
Peter Mullholland Wanganui
Barry Muntz Tairua
Ruth Murray Auckland
Gavin Naftel Wellington
Tani Newton Oamaru
Nigel Ngatuakana
Ryan Nickelchok Auckland
Emil Nye Okiato Russell
Angela O’Donnell Christchurch
Brendan O’Hagan Blenheim Blenheim Christian Ministers Association
Paul & Philippa O’Neill Dunedin
Tuvalu & Ingrid Papau Auckland
Matthew Parfitt Christchurch
Gary Parker
William Pascoe Palmerston North
Stewart Patrick Gisborne Mangapapa Church
Roger Peart Raglan
Mary Pepping
Ron & Kay Peterson Nelson
Jessica Polgase
Jase and Evelyn Preston Waikato
Hilary Radloff
Mrs Vanessa Ralph Kapiti Coast
Diana Ranger Wellington
Raffi Rassam
Victoria Raw Blenheim
John Redshaw Hamilton
Jonathan Rees Masterton
Christine Reeves Gisborne
Brent & Sue Reid Masterton
Joshua Riddle
Ken Riddle
Chris, Shalini & Denver Saldhana
Maria Schmetzer Christchurch
Bert Schoneveld
Boyd Scirkovich Hamilton
Robert & Linda Scott Wanganui
Tracey Scott Northland
Colin Shilston Warkworth Gateway Church
Scott Silsbee Hamilton
Stephanie Simmons
Dave Sowerby Wellington
Gordon & Helen Stanley Northland Otamatea Cooperating Parish
Susan Steele Auckland
Meryl Strawbridge Palmerston North
Todd & Caroline Stretton Auckland
Gina Sunderland Upper Hutt Riverstones Church
Trevor Taylor Westport
Tony Thompson Auckland
Lucy & Chris Thomson-Ryan
Jonathan & Meredith Thorpe Nelson
Bill Tissingh
Melda Townsley Wellington Catholics United for the Faith
Sheryll Turei Te Aroha
Christine Turner
Daniel Tustin Bay of Plenty
Don & Nancy van Dorp
Andre van Heerden Auckland
Robert van Wichen Reformed Church of Bishopdale
Rob & Janet Vaughan
Arnoud Vergunst Carterton
John Verhoeff
Sheldon Vincent Dargaville
Elodie Vujcich Kaikohe
John Vujcich Kaikohe Kaikohe (Rau Marama) Community Trust
Joy Wadham
Renee Wall Hamilton
Terence Wallbank Auckland
Nicola Walsh Tauranga
Joshua & Frances Wanhill
Dennis & Norma Walker Northland
Chris Watson Wellington
Matthew & Lin Li Webster
Mike & Anna Webster Auckland
Liz Webster Hamilton
Mark Wells Christchurch
Linda Wheeler
Patrick White
Neil Whitehead Lower Hutt
Geoff Wiklund Auckland
Daniel Wilkes Palmerston North
Rosa Wilkes Palmerston North
Philip Wilson Nelson
David Wilson Wainuiomata
Adele Wi Repa Hamilton
Peter Wood Lower Hutt
Graham Workman
Mindy Wu Hamilton
Hayley Yoon Henderson
Andrew Young Auckland
Miri Yun Wellington



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