Same-sex ‘marriage’ devastation spelt out

NZ Catholic Newspaper 5 October 2015
Having same-sex marriage enshrined in law can have catastrophic consequences for the family as an institution, as well as for religious freedom.

Leading American author and researcher on public policy on marriage, Ryan T. Anderson, gave this warning at the Family First Forum on August 24 at the Life Convention Centre in Auckland.
Mr Anderson, who works at the Heritage Foundation in the United States wrote a book, The Future of Marriage and Religious Liberty, in response to the US Supreme Court’s June 2015 ruling on marriage.

“The state is in the marriage business not because it’s a sacrament or a covenant or a religious institution. Not because it cares about consenting adult romance. The state is in marriage because the union of a man and a woman can produce a child, and those children deserve both a mum and a dad,” he said.

The legalisation of same sex marriage, he said, will have at least four negative consequences, the first of which is that it makes mothers and fathers replaceable.

“We now have no institution left in society that upholds the ideal that every child deserves both a mother and a father. In fact, saying that a child deserves a mum and a dad will increasingly be seen as bigotry,” he said.

Second, he said, there will be no end to the redefinition of marriage. “The best way to illustrate this is to simply introduce you to three new words that activists and scholars in the US have developed to describe where they would see marriage next,” he said.

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