Same-Sex Marriage Research Disputed

Family First Media Release 19 July 2011
Family First NZ is disputing a Research NZ poll on same-sex marriage saying that similar polling in March suggests the exact opposite.

“The Research NZ poll of just 500 people found that 60% of those polled supported same-sex marriage. However, polling of 1,000 NZ’ers through independent research company Curia Market Research found greater support for maintaining the definition of marriage as a man and a woman,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“The Curia poll found 52% of respondents support defining marriage as being between a man and a woman, with 42% opposed and 6% unsure or refusing to say. This is in direct contrast to the 60% support for gay marriage argued by Research NZ.”

“The only similarity in the polls was that females were more in favour of same-sex marriage than males. The Curia research found that women were a net 12% in favour of changing the definition of marriage, while men were a very high net 39% in favour of maintaining the status quo.”

“All this suggests that there is debate to be had on this issue and the politicians would do well to progress slowly on this issue rather than capitulate to strong lobbying to change the definition. At the end of the day, same sex couples have the option of civil unions to recognise their relationship so there is no need for redefining marriage.”

“Same-sex marriage is, by definition, an oxymoron. Equality does not mean we must redefine marriage for everyone. Marriage encourages the raising of children by the mother and father who conceived them. Social science confirms that children who are raised by their own married mother and father are happier, healthier, and more prosperous than those raise in any other family structure,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“Marriage is not a religious belief. Almost every culture in every time and place has had some institution that resembles what we know as marriage, and it has always been associated with procreation. Every society needs natural marriage.”

“Gays and lesbians have a right to form meaningful relationships – they just don’t have a right to redefine marriage.”

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