Same-sex marriages pass 100 mark

3News 5 November 2013
After the first rush of same-sex couples exercising their new right to marry, the number tying the knot has evened out to about 13 a week, statistics suggest. According to Statistics New Zealand 117 gay couples married in the six weeks between August 19 and the end of September. Of the 117 same-sex marriages so far, there were slightly more female couples (61) getting married than male couples (56). Forty of them were overseas couples and 47 were transfers from civil unions.

One-third of same-sex marriages of overseas residents compares with 10 per cent of opposite-sex marriages. (2798 – 10% = 2518)

The 117 same-sex marriages was about four per cent of the 2798 marriages registered for the entire three months of the September quarter.

Despite the new marriage laws, 33 same-sex couples still chose civil unions, which have been available since 2005.

Summary – 77 same-sex ‘marriages’ v 2,518 marriages (NZ couples)


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