Same-sex unions outdo civil ones

Stuff 28 December 2014
Female couples are leading the rush to tie the knot following the legalising of same-sex marriage.

Experts say despite the law for sexual equality, it goes to show gender stereotyping still exists – girls love the romance of a wedding.

The law change has also secured a small but steady tourism trade, with overseas couples coming here to wed.

Since Labour MP Louisa Wall’s law change was passed in August last year, there has been a rush toward same-sex marriage in New Zealand.

There have been 1205 registered marriages since then.

In comparison, figures show there have been just 96 civil unions.

The number of women marrying outnumbered men by 678 couples to 527.

Its not just Kiwi same sex couples getting married – a quarter of all lesbian couples and a third of all male couples tying the knot here come from Australia.

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