Selective Tolerance: printer refuses to print pro-traditional marriage book (Aus) 26 September 2016
Family First Comment: Disturbing. So a printer can refuse their services to print a traditional marriage book, but a baker / photographer / printer can’t refuse their services to a gay ‘marriage’ #selectivetolerance

McPherson’s Printing Group, a division of parent company Opus Group has turned down the printing of an anti same-sex marriage book, citing the ‘subject matter’ as reason for not taking the job to the presses.

The book, authored by the controversial Dr van Gend was refused by McPherson’s Printing after the bookbinder stated it had been ‘instructed by senior management not to proceed with printing’.

Publisher Connor Court was informed last week by McPherson’s via email of its decision to not print the anti-gay marriage piece. The controversial book itself is titled Stealing from a child: The injustice of marriage equality by David van Gend.

“I sincerely apologise, but due to the subject matter and content of your book, unfortunately I have been instructed by senior management not to proceed with printing this title,” McPherson’s stated.

ProPrint spoke to Connor Court founder Anthony Cappello, who says the publishing group is disappointed in McPherson’s decision to ‘censor’ the book.

In retaliation to MacPherson’s choice, Cappello says Connor Court will not print with McPherson’s or any Opus-owned subsidiary again.

“We see this as censorship, and we will not be printing with McPherson’s or Opus for any of our books again. We are currently looking at another printer to do this job,” says Cappello.

The publisher had printed with McPherson’s for more than ten years, churning out a number of controversial titles including Ian Plimer’s Heaven and Earth, which debates climate change theories.

ProPrint contacted Opus chief executive Richard Celarc, however he did not comment on the matter.

McPherson’s is based in Maryborough Victoria, and is owned by parent company Opus.,mcpherson8217s-refuses-to-print-anti-gay-book.aspx?eid=16&edate=20160926&utm_source=20160926&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=daily_newsletter_&nl=daily

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