Seven-year itch still alive and well, stats say

Stuff 26 January 2015
Despite fundamental law changes and altered expectations, the modern marriage is still subject to a honeymoon phase and the seven-year itch.

Just like today, in 1963, most couples lasted through five years of marriage, but many got out before they clocked up nine.

Divorce was less common, however, and people were younger when they went their separate ways, but in the last 50 years, little has changed.

National marriage and divorce data shows similar patterns in 2013 as it did in the 1960s.

Relationships expert Pablo Godoy said society might have changed, but we were still social creatures.

“The drive to connect and be with someone and live our lives together are the same,” he said.

People are getting married a little older than they used to, but women in particular, are still getting married young. As in 1963, 2013 data showed three times more women than men were married before they turned 19.

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