‘Should we allow mothers to marry their daughters?’

UK News 22 January 2015
Debate in the same-sex marriage referendum has stepped up a few notches this week, buoyed on by the publication of the wording of the vote yesterday.

The move was broadly welcomed by politicians and several interests groups, however others have expressed their concerns over the potential addition of the following line to article 41 of the Constitution:

‘Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex.’

Speaking on Morning Ireland, Breda O’Brien (journalist and patron of the Iona Institute) said that, if passed, the referendum will make it impossible to “say that it is preferable for a child to be adopted, where it is possible, by a man and a woman”.

She said it was “very clear” that this was the best environment in which to raise a child

O’Brien said she didn’t oppose civil partnerships for same-sex couples but drew the line at marriage as children become involved.

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