‘Sibling incest should be legal,’ says Danish professor of criminal justice ethics

LifeSiteNews 17 October 2014
A Danish professor of criminal justice ethics has stated that he thinks consensual sex between adult siblings should be legal.

According to Thomas Søbirk Petersen, a professor at Roskilde University, the rise in the number of births resulting from donor sperm, which has the potential to create biological siblings who are born into different families, has created a need to rethink the “old taboos” against incest.

“In a society where more and more children are being conceived using donor sperm, the risk of falling in love with a stranger who turns out to be a biological sister or brother has increased,” Petersen told MetroXpress.

Petersen said he believes that siblings who want to have children together can reduce the risk of having a handicapped child by themselves using donor sperm or eggs – and then there is always abortion as a backup.

“Should they be jailed for up to two years, as is now required under law?” Petersen asked.

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