Society right to discriminate – Craig

NZ Herald 23 Jan 2013
Conservative Party leader Colin Craig says homosexuality is a choice and society is right to discriminate against gay relationships.

Mr Craig, a Christian, backed church groups who called at a select committee hearing in Auckland yesterday for a royal commission and a referendum on any change to the definition of marriage.

He said the debate about Manurewa MP Louisa Wall’s bill to define marriage as the union of any two people regardless of gender was about the value the country placed on its history and traditions.

“It asks whether the history and tradition of marriage as an institution uniting a man and a woman for the benefit of children and society deserves our protection,” he said.

“Changes like this should not be made lightly. I am not convinced that there is a compelling reason for change.

“Yes, we are discriminating between relationships. We are saying that marriage between a man and a woman is recognised. We are saying that a relationship between a man and a man, for example, goes down the path of a civil union.”

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