Spike in divorce applications: ‘It’s that New Year’s resolution’

TVNZ One News 7 January 2019
Family First Comment:  A sad reality – but at least NZ has a structure in place which means that divorces can’t be done quickly and without due consideration – as has become the situation in the UK. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/01/04/couples-file-divorce-christmas-day-ministers-accused-making/
We should be providing all the financial and relationship counselling and resources possible to help couples possibly avoid a marriage breakdown. 

While most people are slowly easing themselves into work after the holidays, divorce lawyers know they will need to hit the ground running.

Senior divorce lawyer Jeremy Sutton said couple inquiries and applications for divorce spike this month.

“The unhappiness may sort of drift along during the year, but in some cases people with children might say ‘look we’re just gonna have one more Christmas with the kids and then in the new year I’m gonna do something about it’.

“Often it’s that New Year’s resolution.”

He said the financial stress of Christmas, holidays and couples spending more time together could propel them to consider splitting up.

“They’re spending three or four weeks together over the Christmas period and they never spend time like that together during the year so that can cause tensions as well.”

But he said a lot are not prepared for the time and effort a divorce takes.
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