Split on Gay Marriage, United on Mums & Dads – Poll

Media Release 13 September 2013
An independent poll has found that five months on from the passing of the same-sex marriage bill, the country still remains deeply divided on the issue. The poll also finds overwhelming support for the equal importance of mums and dads for children.

In the poll of 1,000 NZ’ers by Curia Market Research, respondents were asked whether they agreed with the statement “There was no need for Parliament to change the definition of marriage to allow same-sex couples to marry, as civil unions were sufficient for same sex couples.”

Half of the respondents disagreed with the statement with the remaining 44% agreeing and 5% unsure. Opposition to redefining marriage continues to be stronger from men compared to women, and also over 60s. This result is consistent with a similar survey in February before the passing of the bill.

“Claims that NZ wanted same-sex marriage are a myth, confirmed by yet another poll. The country remains deeply divided by this issue and the politicians should have had the integrity to put the issue to a binding referendum,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “Ironically, those who argued that NZ wanted same-sex marriage were the first to oppose any referendum on the issue.”

“Significantly, the greatest opposition to redefining marriage came from Maori Party and NZ First supporters – along with Conservative party voters. We would encourage these parties to allow a referendum on the issue as part of their policies for the 2014 General Election.”

The survey also asked whether respondents agreed with the statement “A mother and a father are both equally important to a child’s development.” An overwhelming 90% agreed with the statement, with only 8% disagreeing and 2% unsure or refusing to say. Agreement was strongest from National, NZ First and Conservative party voters, with the greatest disagreement from Green party voters.

“One of the consequences of redefining marriage which received little debate was the ability for same sex couples to adopt children. No child development theory says children need two parents of the same gender – but rather that children need their mother and father,” says Mr McCoskrie.

Contrary to the mantra of the same-sex marriage lobby and so-called experts, ‘love’ is not the only factor contributing to the successful raising of children. The gender of the parents does matter. NZ’ers understand this. While a compassionate society always comes to the aid of motherless and fatherless families, a wise and loving society should never intentionally create fatherless or motherless families.”

The nationwide poll was carried out earlier this month and has a margin of error of +/- 3.2%.



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