Strong Response Against Bill to Redefine Marriage

Media Release 22 October 2012
With only four days to make submissions, Family First NZ says that demand for information on making a submission against the bill changing the definition of marriage has been overwhelming, and they predict that the Select Committee will be swamped with written submissions and people asking to make oral submissions. 

“We’ve distributed almost 100,000 pamphlets throughout the country outlining the strong case for retaining the definition of marriage and encouraging people to make their views known to politicians who voted to start redefining it,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. 

“We also have a database of more than 40,000 supporters who we are keeping up to date with the progress of the bill, plus over 4,500 supporters on our Facebook page. And the petition is now up to 61,000 signatures with more coming in every day.” 

“Unlike supporters of the bill, we have not provided a form letter, but are encouraging supporters of the existing and original definition of marriage to write their own views and share their own experiences of the importance of marriage as it currently stands.” 

Supporters of retaining the definition of marriage have been buoyed by a recent Research NZ poll that showed a drop in support for same sex marriage to 49% down from 60% in a similar poll last year, the rejection of similar attempts to change the definition in Australia and Northern Ireland, and continuous defeats in referendums in the US despite polls suggesting otherwise. 

“We have always believed that once New Zealanders fully understand the so-called ‘equality’ argument, they will also understand that we don’t need to redefine marriage to achieve that equality. It is perfectly possible to support traditional marriage, while also recognising and respecting the rights of others. In 2004, the government introduced Civil Unions and changed over 150 pieces of legislation to achieve this very thing,” says Mr McCoskrie. 

Submissions close this Friday.

“The message will be clear – everyone has a right to love who they choose, but nobody has a right to redefine marriage in the process.”

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