Superdiversity: More Kiwis saying ‘I do’ to intermarriage

NZ Herald 21 October 2015
More Kiwis are tying the knot with partners of a different ethnicity, according to data derived from the latest Census figures.

The New Zealand face of the future will be browner and likely to comprise multiple ethnic identities as a result, experts say.

A report, “Ethnic Intermarriage in New Zealand”, found ethnic intermarriage to be common among Asians, Maori and Pacific people and significantly higher for those born in New Zealand.

Researchers Robert Didham and Paul Callister used the 2001 and 2013 Census data to examine the patterns of ethnic intermarriage here.

The study found Asian women were far less likely to marry another Asian than were Asian men to marry an Asian woman.

In the 12 years, it was found there had been some small but important changes in ethnic marriages, authors of the report said.

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