Support for Gay Marriage Continues Downward Slide

Media Release 6 Jan 2013
Family First NZ and the ‘Protect Marriage’ campaign is welcoming a Herald on Sunday poll today showing that support for redefining marriage has fallen from a previous high of 63% in a ONE News Colmar Brunton poll last May to just 53% now.

This echoes a similar slide in polling by Research NZ which showed support for ‘same-sex marriage’ dropping to less than 50%, down 11% from a similar poll in 2011.

“These results are energising our campaign to maintain the definition of marriage as is,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “We always knew that once we got past the slogan of ‘marriage equality’ and debated the real impact of redefining marriage, that New Zealanders would understand that there is no need for a ‘same-sex marriage’ bill.”

“There is absolutely no need to redefine marriage to provide legal recognition and protection for same-sex relationships. In 2004, the government introduced Civil Unions and changed over 150 pieces of legislation to achieve this very thing. There is no so-called ‘discrimination’. The real question is why are further special rights now being demanded?” says Mr McCoskrie.

“This Bill isn’t just a simple change in the wording of a current law. It is proposing the complete redefinition of an institution as it has existed for thousands of years until now. Many people in the homosexual community also do not agree with ‘same-sex marriage’. They are not ‘homophobic’ or ‘bigoted’.”

“Everyone has a right to love who they choose, but nobody has a right to redefine marriage.”


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