Support for redefining marriage continues slide in polls

From the TVNZ website yesterday.

This is despite TVNZ lobbying hard for redefining marriage including a patsy interview (with no balancing opinion) on Close Up, and then free marketing by their Breakfast programme for Tamati Coffey’s plug for the bill – not once but twice – and a ‘stacked’ interview with me and Nigel Latta (ably supported by the interviewer).

A Research NZ poll in September showed that support for same-sex marriage has dropped to less than 50%, down 11% from a similar poll in 2011.

Plus this one in June from Yahoo News

plus NZ Herald in August

So when people like Nigel Latta and supporters of the same-sex marriage bill say NZ’ers are ready for it, DON’T BE SO SURE 🙂

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