The Evidence That Polygamy And Polyamory Will Be Next

Media Release 10 Jan 2013
Family First NZ has released evidencefrom overseas showing growing demands for recognition of polygamy and polyamory on the back of the ‘gay marriage’ campaigns.

“This evidence is not ‘scaremongering’ or ‘dishonest’ as claimed by MP Louisa Wall. It is fact, and is just one outcome of redefining the definition of marriage,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“We were accused of scaremongering and being dishonest when we raised the issue of churches and marriage celebrants being forced to host and perform same-sex ‘marriages’ as well – but of course, our opinion has been backed up by a number of legal experts. The name-calling won’t stop us from highlighting facts.”

“Our basic argument is simply this. If marriage is redefined once, what is to stop it being redefined again? Allowing only same-sex marriage on the basis of love and human rights would then open the door for those arguing for polygamous and group marriage. Why would discrimination against these loving adults be ok? They may be illegal now, but it wasn’t that long ago that same-sex marriage was illegal also,” says Mr McCoskrie.


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