The law must allow BOTH my marriages – ‘polyamorous’ woman (UK)

Daily Mail 19 November 2018
Family First Comment:  The marriage equality campaign will HAVE to get behind this. Love. Consent. Equality. Why not?

A woman is calling for a change of law than allows people to be legally married to more than one person at a time

Mary Crumpton is a practiser of polyamory –  meaning she believes in having more than one partner.

Mary Crumpton made a lifetime commitment to John Hulls earlier this year in a special ceremony.

People who are polyamorous consent to their partner’s being in a relationship with somebody else.

Naturally Mary’s husband Tim Crumpton gave her his blessing to be married and even walked Mary down the aisle of the special blessing ceremony.

Mary lives with Tim and John under the same roof in Chorlton, Manchester and is in equally committed and loving relationships with both of them.

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