Two New York Senators Who Voted to Redefine Marriage Defeated

BCNN1 18 Sep 2012
Roy McDonald and Shirley Huntley, two incumbent state senators who voted to redefine marriage in New York, have been soundly defeated. What’s more, Neil DiCarlo, a National Organization for Marriage (NOM)-backed challenger to Stephen Saland, was locked in a razor-close battle and expects to defeat the incumbent when final absentee votes are counted. “Marriage was redefined in New York because of six turncoat senators, and we vowed we would not rest until they were removed from office,” says Brian Brown, NOM’s president. “We’ve now taken out four of the six who betrayed marriage, and we’re going to finish the job with the remaining two.” Sen. James Alesi was driven from his re-election race by NOM’s pledge to defeat him. Sen. Carl Kruger was forced to resign, and NOM helped elect pro-marriage Republican David Storobin to replace him.

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