Union’s marriage stance causes tension

NZ Herald 21 Oct 2012
There is upset in the nursing profession, where some nurses say their union is misrepresenting them on the issue of redefining marriage. The New Zealand Nurses Organisation, which speaks for over 46,000 health workers, is supporting changes to the marriage laws. But some members aren’t happy and have contacted lobby group Family First. Family First’s Bob McCoskrie said it seems the campaign is being driven by a few people at the top of the organisation. “I can’t see the connection between a nurses union and the definition of marriage. We think the union is misrepresenting its members and the members of the union who have contacted us (are) very annoyed about this (and) also feel that they’ve been misrepresented,” he said. He said the Nurses Organisation has a duty to represent its members accurately. “You’ve got to ask yourself the question, what is the connection between the definition of marriage and nursing? We’d say there’s not a direct connection and this is an issue outside of their authority to try and represent their members on.”

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