United Nations new Secretary General Supports Family of One Woman and One Man and Right to Life of Unborn

Right to Life Media Release 18 October 2016
Family First Comment: A welcome improvement – especially considering who the other candidates were 🙂

Right to Life congratulates the General Assembly of the United Nations for appointing Antonio Guterres, on the 13 October, as the New Secretary General. His appointment gives cause for renewed hope that he will promote respect for the dignity of man and for marriage as being exclusively between one woman and one man. He is also opposed to the killing of the unborn child and upholds the inalienable right to life of every human being from conception. It is hoped that he will provide leadership to ensure United Nations agencies cease imposing pressure on nations to change their laws to decriminalise abortion. It is also hoped that he will challenge the ruling LGBTTQQIAAP agenda which is to promote the destruction of traditional gender identities.

A devout Catholic, he was born in Lisbon in 1949 and became an active member of the student branch of Catholic Action, while studying engineering in college. It is here that he developed a well informed conscience of a Catholic socialist and an intense desire for social justice. He is opposed to abortion, same sex marriage and gay rights.

As a former Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Guterres won the Security Council’s unanimous backing, which included New Zealand, to become the next UN secretary-general, winning plaudits for his strong leadership, but disappointing campaigners for a woman or East European to be the world’s top diplomat for the first time.

Britain’s UN Ambassador Matthew Rycroft said the assembly hearings showed that Guterres “was an outstanding candidate … who will take the United Nations to the next level in terms of leadership and will provide a moral authority at a time when the world is divided on issues, above all like Syria.”


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