Why a good night’s sleep could save your marriage

Mail Online (UK) 21 Jan 2013
If you were thinking of turning-in a little  earlier tonight, here’s an incentive. Scientists claim that a good night’s sleep could help  your relationship by making you less selfish. They have discovered that sleep deprivation  leads to couples taking each other for granted. Often a husband or wife will be so tired they  can’t be bothered to say thank-you to their other halves which leaves them  feeling unwanted

According to the researchers, those who slept  well worked better together in the tasks and encouraged each  other. They also recorded in their diaries that they  appreciated them more and regularly showed gratitude. Amie Gordon, a psychologist at the University  of Berkeley who lead the study, said: ‘Poor sleep may make us more selfish as we  prioritise our own needs over our partner’s. ‘You may have slept like a baby but if your  partner didn’t, you’ll probably both end up grouchy. ‘Make sure to say thanks when your partner  does something nice. Let them know you appreciate them.’

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