Why ‘polyamory’ is becoming popular – Media pushes the agenda

Three isn’t a crowd as polyamory gets popular
Stuff co.nz 30 August 2016
Family First Comment: Yep – as predicted. And typical that stuffed.co.nz is helping push the narrative.

There’s another sexual revolution coming, a hip new bedroom trend the early adopters are just loving. Keep your pants on, it’s time to talk about polyamory.

Polyamory simply means “many loves” and it is not, according to its ever-widening circle of passionate supporters, polygamy, one man with multiple wives, nor is it swinging or partner-swapping.

The idea is simply that no single relationship can possibly fulfil all your needs, if you’re honest with yourself, so you are free to explore one or more relationships, with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.

So Claire might be married to Barry but she visits her boyfriend Simon three nights a week. His girlfriend Sasha doesn’t mind because she also lives a polyamory lifestyle.

“There’s a preconception that one person can be everything for you and that person will make you happy and one person will fulfil all your dreams and that one person can be there all the time for you and they’re never going to need something that you can’t give them,” polyamorist Laura told the ABC.

“You can love as many people as you can love. Nobody says you can’t love all your children or your parents,” she says, “but you can only love one person and be happy with one person? It seems illogical.”
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