Woman marries her two pet cats

MailOnline 6 January 2015
When Barbarella Buchner split from her partner-of-seven-years, the 48-year-old thought that she would never find love again.

But then love struck again, albeit from a very unusual direction. Now Ms Buchner is happily married once more – to her two pet cats.

Now the Lanzarote-based web designer says she’s never been happier and is so devoted to her feline husbands, Spider and Lugosi, she has their initials tattooed on her right leg.

‘My two cats are my soul mates,’ says Ms Buchner, who is originally from London. ‘They’re the loves of my life.

‘Before when I had a human relationship, he’d come home and we’d argue over something or he’d want to chat when I don’t want to chat.

‘Lugosi and Spider are different – I’m definitely happily married to them. I’m not alone, I have my cats now. I have no regrets and I don’t care what people say.’

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