Woman marries herself to celebrate her ‘self-discovery’ as a single woman

NZ Herald 7 October 2014
If you’re keen to get married but just can’t find the right person, one young woman could have provided the solution.

Having been single for almost six years, Grace Gelder decided to marry herself.

The photographer and filmmaker told The Guardian that the ceremony was a way of recognising and cementing the powerful relationship she had established with herself while not involved in a relationship.

“I’d been essentially single for almost six years and built up this brilliant relationship with myself. Nevertheless, I was aware of getting into a rut, where a relationship with someone else seemed like too much hard work,” Gelder said.

“So I really wanted to pay tribute to this adventurous period of self-discovery but, at the same time, look forward to a new phase.”

Gelder said she had been inspired by a Björk song called Isobel: “[I] have a strong recollection of when I was 18 at university and studying performance art, hearing that line in a Björk song called Isobel: ‘My name’s Isobel, married to myself,’ and thinking, crazy as that sounds, I totally get that.

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