Women who are cheated on win in long term, while ‘other woman’ loses, say scientists

The Telegraph 27 April 2016
Family First Comment: No surprises in this study.
“Women report that they are more attuned to cues of infidelity, dishonesty, and other ‘low mate value’ signals following having their mate ‘poached’ by another woman. Women also report that they are now more aware of their female friends and associates behaviour regarding their significant other.”
Interested to know whether they studied what happens when the woman cheats on their husband. Or doesn’t that happen?!

Women who lose their partner to a love-rival are better off in the long term, the biggest ever study of break-ups has found.

Although being cheated on might initially seem devastating, in fact, it leaves the victim with a ‘higher mating intelligence’ which helps her to choose a more faithful partner in the future.

In contrast, the ‘other woman’ ends up with a partner with a track record of being deceptive and a cheat, meaning that she is the long-term loser, according to psychologists.

The study involved an anonymous online survey of 5,705 participants in 96 countries.

The researchers from Binghamton University in the US and University College London looked at how happy men and women were before, during and after a breakup.

The study showed that if a woman is cheated on, the lessons she learns can be ‘evolutionarily adaptive’ helping her select a much better mate.
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