Young submitter frustrated over MP reaction

Newstalk ZB 14 March 2013
There’s frustration from a young parliamentary submitter at the lack of action against MPs, following a complaint about their conduct during a hearing.

Eighteen-year-old Grace Carroll made an oral submission on the Marriage Amendment Bill in December, and says a number of MPs in the hearing behaved unprofessionally, and undemocratically.

She claims she was called homophobic by Green MP Kevin Hague and other MPs were rude and disrespectful – one rolled their eyes during her submission.

Grace Carroll says the short response to her concerns from Government Administration Committee chair Ruth Dyson wasn’t good enough.

She says she’s been flicked off, and it feels like the MPs don’t care that she’s taken the time to participate in a democratic process.

Grace Carroll has written an open letter to Ruth Dyson complaining about her treatment when she spoke in opposition to the bill.

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