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We’ve put together a one page summary of the key points to help you defend marriage as it has always been defined. Perfect to slip in your wallet or handbag or have on your smartphone. Leave it lying around on the coffee table, or include it in your newsletters or church bulletins or public notices.

It quickly and succintly deals with all the issues including the ‘right’ to marry, marriage ‘equality’, why gender matters, what will be next, and the effect of changing the definition



The Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill sponsored by Labour MP Louisa Wall has been sent to a Government Select Committee. This means that people like you can make a submission (short or long) and have your say direct to the MP’s. And we want to help you every step of the way so as to make the task as simple as possible. The 1st reading in Parliament showed that only 21 MP’s need to change their vote to NO in order to defeat this bill. It is vital that as many people as possible show their support for marriage remaining between one man and one woman.

To help you, we have prepared an 8-page pamphlet with ALL the information you need, including the following:

KEY POINTS – These are the key reasons why the current definition of marriage should be maintained, and can help form the basis of your own Submission.
SUBMISSION FORM – Don’t know where to start? We’ve done it for you! Use the default Submission form to get started.
HINTS – We’ve also included some handy hints to help you get your message across

All this information is available in a Downloadable Pamphlet HERE

You can download just the Submission Form HERE
There is also an online link to make your Submission online HERE (go to bottom of page)
Official Government Link for this Bill HERE

Please note: SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY 26 OCTOBER 2012 (They will not accept late submissions.)

DOWNLOAD – Guidelines to Making an Oral Submission to the Select Committee

DOWNLOAD – Word Version of Pamphlet
DOWNLOAD – Submission Form (short)

DOWNLOAD – Family First Submission

To order hard copies of the Pamphlet to hand out, email [email protected] .
Copies are FREE (but donations would be welcomed)


Thank you for standing for marriage!

Kind regards

Bob McCoskrie
National Director

Please note that although we have presented the first batch of signatures (48,000), we are still collecting signatures. We would love to be able to present 100,000 signatures to the Select Committee. So our basic message is: Keep Signing. Keep Sending them in. Please note – you can only sign the petition once, but please encourage others to sign.