Cameron to fast-track vote on gay marriage (UK)

Mail Online 21 Nov 2012
Fast track plan as opposition campaign gathers momentum
Plans to allow gay marriage could be voted on and approved by MPs within weeks, it emerged last night. David Cameron and Nick Clegg have agreed to fast-track the controversial change in the law – bringing it before Parliament in the New Year. A Tory grassroots campaign of opposition to gay marriage has been gathering momentum in recent weeks and the move will be seen as an attempt by Mr Cameron to ‘lance the boil’. Previously, Number Ten had said only that same sex civil marriage would be introduced at some point before the next election in 2015. Proposed legislation was not included in the last Queen’s Speech – which sets out the legislative programme for the year ahead – adding to the impression the new law is being hurried. The move will alarm the significant numbers of Conservative MPs, including some ministers, who have indicated that they are fundamentally opposed to the idea.

….Labour leader Ed Miliband has suggested the Government should go even further than proposed, and allow gay marriages in church.

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