Family Group Slams Radio Station’s ‘Divorce’ Stunt

Media Release 10 Feb 2012
Family First NZ is labeling a radio station’s Valentine’s Day promotion as tacky, degrading, and harmful. The Rock radio station in Auckland will host a husband telling his unsuspecting wife on Valentine’s Day that he is divorcing her – live on air.

“To subject an unsuspecting spouse to this type of news live on air is degrading and humiliating to the spouse, and minimises the harm that divorce can do to all parties involved,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Divorces are difficult enough, but to cheapen it to a radio stunt is tacky. The radio station is simply feeding off the misery of others. They are willing to pay for the divorce – will they also pay for the counseling which may be required as a result of this stunt?”

Studies have shown that divorce can have huge impacts on physical and mental health, and can result in economic hardship, loneliness, and feelings of rejection. No divorce is ever easy — even if the partners are in total agreement about the need for a divorce and will be friends when the marriage ends. Assets must be divided, friends and family must be informed, and in the most serious cases, custody of the children must be determined.

“The Rock is cheapening a serious issue and in the process are willing to inflict emotional harm on an unsuspecting spouse for the sake of ratings. How low will they go?”

Family First is calling on MediaWorks to cancel the promotion.

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