First family in California with THREE dads on their child’s birth certificate

Daily Mail 13 December 2020
Family First Comment: Somebody needs to give the authorities a biology lesson about how babies are actually created.
But we did warn you. This is a natural consequence of marriage ‘equality’.
Once the definition is changed once, the definition and structure of marriage and family is changed forever, and constantly open to renegotiation.

The first polyamorous family in California to put all three dads on the same birth certificate has opened up about life as a parenting ‘throuple’.

Doctor Ian Jenkins, 45, and his partners Alan Mayfield and Jeremy Allen Hodges, from San Diego, made legal history in 2017 when a judge agreed to put them all on the birth certificate of daughter Piper, now 3, paving the way for other polyamorous families to gain greater legal recognition in the US.

They now also have a 14-month-old son, Parker. The children are half-siblings born using an egg donor and a surrogate.

Ian and Alan have been together for seventeen years. And they’ve been with their partner, Jeremy, for eight.
Jeremy is known to the children as ‘daddy’, while Alan is ‘dada’ and Ian is ‘papa’.

Ian, a specialist in hospital medicine and a university professor, described their ‘unique family’ set up as ‘just three tame, regular people who spend a lot of time talking about what to have for dinner’.

Now, they have released a book, written by Ian, called Three Dads and a Baby, the title of which is a play on that of the smash-hit 1987 comedy film, Three Men and a Baby, starring Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg.


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