Hilarious! – Gay marriage will solve our unemployment rate

More weddings 🙂

Skills crisis: Economic lift for NZ likely if gay marriage allowed – advocate
NZ Herald 20 Nov 2012
Gay marriage could provide an economic boost in New Zealand by generating a spike in wedding ceremonies, says the politician behind the first same-sex marriage legislation in the world. Former Dutch MP and gay rights advocate Boris Dittrich said one of the unanticipated consequences of legalising marriage for gay, lesbian and transgender couples was a much larger spend created by a rush of weddings – worth US$100 million ($122 million) a year in New York alone. Mr Dittrich, who is on a speaking tour in Wellington and Auckland, noted that the economics of weddings were an aside to the debate about same-sex marriage. But there was a serious message in this observation. He said the financial boost was the only surprising consequence of legalising marriage in the Netherlands in 2001, despite warnings of moral, social and family decline from opponents.


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