Same sex marriage – Impossible

Robin Johnson June 2012
To change the ‘Marriage Act’ to allow same sex marriage serves no good purpose for the Australian community as a whole. Marriage, between a man and woman, has served mankind well since the beginning of time. There is no reasonable argument or need to use the title marriage to include same sex partners. The same sex marriage campaign is an attempt to legitimise behaviour that is unnatural and give it the legal status of marriage. To do so will undermine long held values of our society.

There is a great deal of confusion, misinformation and deceptive rhetoric with regard to same sex marriage. As with every one of the different social issues and challenges, people with strong and differing opinions are at its centre. The debate can become very emotional with strong feelings for and against. We cannot make decisions based on emotional rhetoric that might sound nice but be completely wrong. The use of language, or should I say the misuse and manipulative use of words, also leads to the confusion.

I have heard media personalities, who are promoting same sex marriage, say things like, “In this day and age….” Their inference is that now we live in a more enlightened time, therefore we should be open to such changes. Sound moral values don’t change with the passing of time. Where they do change, the moral fibre of society deteriorates.

Throughout history mankind has endorsed marriage as the union of a man and a woman from which children are derived, family is established and nurture is provided by a mother and father.

Beware the ‘Hollywood’ influence, along with numerous TV programs with their attempts to portray the normalisation of same sex relationships. It is all very ‘feel the love’ and devoid of any moral absolutes.

It has also been said that the argument is a human rights issue. It is not! Again the issue is clouded with words that sound appropriate, but when considered properly, they are not. Many laws already exist, that restrict people’s choices and behaviour for the good of the general public and the wellbeing of others. E.G. Polygamy is not legal. A few argue that it is a human right to have more than one wife. A practice the majority of us neither, adhere to or choose or would want legalised in Australia.

While we cannot ignore the human face of this issue and genuinely endeavour to be respectful with our words, neither can we neglect declaring what is right, just because someone may take offence. We might also be accused of being unkind and lacking in compassion. When one makes a stand for what is right, speaks against any attempt to legitimise wrong behaviour, often, we are accused of being unkind and lacking compassion. The opposite is true; because we do care, we speak out.

Though this article is not meant to be offensive to any individual, nevertheless there will be some who will be personally offended. Let me make this clear, though not personal, this is about people. It is about the welfare of people now and future generations, because as already stated, every social challenge has people at its centre, and it is people who are hurt when things are done wrong. Nevertheless, we must speak out and stand for what is ‘right’ even though it might appear to be unpopular.

When we remain silent, we give consent by default to the ‘evil’ proposed and allow it to run its course unhindered. Knowing that we are on the side of right, gives us the courage to do good for the sake of the silent majority who would otherwise be adversely affected, if not for our voiced position and action

Same sex relationships have existed throughout history and will continue to exist. This debate though is about the attempt to change the law that defines the term marriage. However, it is not possible to separate the sexual choices of individuals, who wish to have their relationship titled marriage, from the discussion.

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