School bans Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (Canada)

Deseret News 17 June 2013
Parents at an elementary school in Canada are rallying together to “save” Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Astral Drive Elementary School in Halifax, Nova Scotia, removed all Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations in 2011 and replaced them with an “International Day of Families,” which was celebrated May 15. The annual event is recognized by the United Nations.

The change in policy reportedly came after a same-sex couple complained about the separate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day holiday celebrations at the school. The couple expressed to school officials that their daughter didn’t feel comfortable participating in either Mother’s or Father’s Day activities at school, CBC News reported.

Several parents are upset, citing the change as unneeded and over-the-top. This month, a group of parents decided to make a stand. More than 600 people signed a petition that was delivered to the school last week, demanding that Astral Drive Elementary School reinstate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day activities. Online, 245 supporters have signed a petition for the cause.

Michelle Allaby told CTV News she does not have a problem celebrating the family day, but feels Mother’s Day and Father’s Day shouldn’t be abolished at the school.

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