Three exes battle over $2.2m Auckland house after polyamorous relationship breaks up

NZ Herald 22 May 2020
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“Three people shared a home and a bed for 15 years, but their relationship isn’t recognised by law… The court ruling noted that polyamorous couples had asked the Law Commission to recognise their relationships when it recently reviewed the law. The Law Commission said at the time that excluding multi-partner relationships – which were “functionally similar” to marriages, civil unions or de facto relationships – could be difficult to justify. (!!) …But it eventually recommended to Government that the PRA should continue to cover only intimate relationships between two people.”
When gender doesn’t matter in marriage, why should number?
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Three people from a polyamorous relationship are in a battle over how to split a valuable Auckland property after they broke up.

In the first case of its kind in New Zealand, the High Court ruled that the Property Relationships Act (PRA) could not be applied to people in a multi-partner relationship.

The judge in the case, Justice Anne Hinton, also said the Family Court could not “stretch” the law to accommodate a three-way relationship.

The case relates to a couple, Lilach and Brett Paul, who married in 1993.

In 1999, Lilach met Fiona Mead and in 2002 the three of them formed a polyamorous relationship.

They moved into a four-hectare property in Kumeu, which had just been purchased in Mead’s name for $533,000. She paid the deposit of $40,000.

They lived together at the property for 15 years, and mostly shared the same room and bed, the court ruling said.

Man and two women who had three-way relationship in court battle over $2m farm
Stuff 22 May 2020
A man and two women who were in a polyamorous relationship are now in a court battle over a property where they lived for 15 years.

The relationship was the subject of the first ever judgment on polyamory and the Property (Relationships) Act, which was released on Friday.

According to the judgement, Lilach and Brett Paul married in February 1998.

The following year Lilach met Fiona Mead and in 2002 the three formed a polyamorous relationship.

Polyamory is the practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all the people involved.

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