Voters disagree with Obama’s marriage plans

Washington Examiner Sep 4 2012
A new JZ Analytics poll that finds President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney split at 44 percent to 44 percent, also finds that likely voters do not agree with the president on gay marriage and immigration reform, but support his bailouts, green energy focus and foreign policy.

The poll, provided to Secrets Tuesday, is a vivid display of how American voters are split not just politically but on individual issues, making it difficult for either presidential candidate to carve out a clear path to victory.

Take Obama’s position backing same-sex marriage. Pollster John Zogby found that 51.4 percent of voters back the GOP’s traditional marriage position that the “ideal family is built around a stable marriage between a man and a woman.” Some 40.3 percent said “a family can still be the stable unit of a good society if it is headed by a single adult, a same-sex relationship, or grandparents.”

From Family Research Council
“Despite what many pundits say, social issues continue to be bridge issues–not wedge issues. Polls continue to show deep opposition to same-sex “marriage” among African Americans–with just 40% in support. More than 3,700 black pastors have called on President Obama to retract his statement that “gay marriage is a civil right.” Millions of voters clearly feel abandoned by President Obama, who once told Pastor Rick Warren that “I believe marriage is the union between a man and a woman.” In the 2004 election, results clearly show President Bush carried the pivotal state of Ohio because of his support for the marriage amendment on the ballot. With marriage referendums on the ballot in four states and continued backlash to President Obama’s same-sex “marriage” endorsement, marriage may once again emerge as the decisive rather than the “divisive” issue of this election.”

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